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Supercharge your business with rapidor !

Rapidor is the story of how your business is going to reduce your expenses, increase efficiency in your team, have control over critical business processes with overall increase in profitability. A powerful B2B application that helps in creating & managing orders, crafting crisp product catalogues, controlling inventory, overseeing payment processes and empowering the dealer-manufacturer equation.

The App

No orders are lost when you rapidor!

This is the new way of selling digitally. Forget the traditional order taking process – filling the order forms, calling the warehouses, follow up calls and still errors! Rapidor mobile app will help  you in creating and managing orders, crafting  product catalogues, customer credit checks and controlling the inventory on the go with online and offline functionality.

On rapidor you will never miss a chance to sell. It’s the answer for your client on any questions about products, specifications, price, availability and so on. You can find any of the above in no time using the Quick Search option in the App. Be in control with your sales targets and metrics with the crisp dashboards in rapidor and you are never left behind.

Enjoy Selling on rapidor…

The CPU of your business !

Managing your business is easy as never before. When you are on rapidor everything is under one hood from managing and fulfilling the sales orders, controlling the inventory, communicating with the team in the field, shipment and tracking. Rapidor integrates with major ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks, Tally and any other solutions.It gives your the power to review and modify any order from the field before processing it based on customer credit limits and behaviour.

Sitting and relaxing in your cabin you can feel the pulse of the market as you are getting the updates on every orders placed by your rep with dealer and distributor points. Based on the industry and market trends you can take the decisions on optimizing the production and distribution. You can segregate the data on any metric you set and monitor it.


Unlimited Products

Upload any number of products, description and images and manage them with ease.

Accounts & Contacts

Create and manage as many users and contacts as you wish.

Optimised Inventory & Catalogue

Access the full product catalogue and real-time inventory status on the go

Instant Updates on Offers & Prices

Any changes made on prices and new offers are updated instantly in the Mobile App.

Track Sales Team Performance

Track your sales team performance with any given metric; product, geography, time and so on.

Improved receivables & Cash flow

Ensure sales and payment collection go hand in hand for better future of the business.

Quick Export & Import

Enable quick export and import of the products, contacts, customers from and to the system.

Sales Team Tracking

Easily track and locate your team in the field on GPS and communicate with them.

Express Orders with tracking & history

Create orders in less than a minute and track them wherever you are

Our Solution

  • Accounts / Inventory  [SAP | QuickBooks | Tally]

    Logistics – linking with location based information and analytics
    Client knows about order location
    Clarity in expected time of arrival
    Confirmation and communication via platform

  • Mange the sales team on activity and performance

    Orders always fulfilled.

    Updates always available.

    Collections and remittance made quickly.

  • Be in 100% control of resources and assets.

    Have a clear view across systems and infrastructure.

    Resource worklogs and activity tracking.

    Sales targets communicated almost immediately.

    Section to manage tour expenses, travel and reimbursements.