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No orders are lost when you rapidor!

Rapidor is the story of how your business is going to reduce your expenses, increase efficiency in your team, have control over critical business processes and an overall increase in profitability. A great B2B application which helps in creating and managing orders, crafting crisp product catalogues, monitoring inventory, overseeing payment processes and empowering the dealer-manufacturer equation..

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Always be in sync with your team on planX.

Plan and execute your daily sales activity with real time analysis on the daily sales summary, It integrates with your business bringing you sales and customer intelligence. The ideal user-friendly app, and can be customized to your business model if needed.

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Track better on TraceLocus.

TraceLocus, the tracking solution from Acelr has two segments. TraceLocus Guardian and TraceLocus Fleet Manager. Guardian helps to keep track of school going children from the moment they leave the home till they reach school and vise versa. Parents will be able to track the vehicle location, speed and will be notified about unusual delays. The Fleet Manager is the right solution for businesses to track and monitor their entire fleet on the road. This will give clear insights about the vehicle route, location, speed, and other vehicle health related alerts.

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Process and data mining with engaging dashboards and analytics.

We enable our clients, especially in the Banking and Finance Industry to engage with their processes and data. With our experience, products and service, our clients derive value from their data via inquisitive analytics, and with time we enable them to benefit from predictive analytics.

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