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Executive Dashboards from nGauge Analytics, enabling integrated Performance Management, for Organisations across the globe.

Making DATA work for you

We deploy data mart that captures from various data sources within the enterprise to generate meaningful dashboards and analysis for senior management to have their finger on the pulse and take decisions on the go.
We integrate with major systems, popular in use and those established that are deployed by client and any necessary data source within the organisation emerging from the flat files, Excel, CRM and others.


We provide pre-configured reports & dashboards, enabling faster and integrated reporting.

Our solution acts as a single source of Finance & Risk related information for Board, Senior Management and Regulatory reporting.

The agile data model provides a single organisation-wide view, as opposed to a silo based approach with data in disparate systems and manual reporting processes required for aggregation.

It provides detailed drill-downs, rich visualizations and flexibility to slice & dice data on the fly.

Logical and Resilient

Executive Dashboards from nGauge Analytics, enabling integrated Performance Management, for Organisations across the globe.

Our Approach

We engage with the management through workshops, discuss and agree on the information that will help them manage their business better.

We analyse the source systems to identify the most efficient and optimal mechanism and derive the information.

Our pre-existing toolkit to connect with popular ERP / Accounting solutions including SAP, Oracle, Tally and Quickbooks helps jumpstart the entire process.

In the event where data is not available, we help you in setting efficient processes to capture the data that helps arrive at the information going forward.

We have frequently found the need for the reconciliation across multiple source systems, files and assisted our clients with cleansing of data, because at the end of the day, quality insights require good data.

An effective process is established where information from the various systems populate the data mart real-time or End of Day basis.

The final steps in the process are the dashboards for and the requests from the management. We support deployment across platforms ranging from web and mobile apps, web to Excel reports and charts.

Handling Streaming Data & Multiple Data Sources


We handle the complexity of disparate data streaming in from various sources. Through a well designed data model which is comprehensive, configurable and scalable, we make it look simple.

We deploy for you scalable, high-throughput, fault-tolerant stream processing of live data streams.

The data model is based on building blocks aligned to the manner users view information.

While underlying source systems may change, the data model would ensure that reports remain consistent over time and continue to contribute to the management, to enable well thought through decisions.